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Give me more time!

Sometimes I feel like our workdays make us a bit like Henry Bemis in my favorite episode of The Twilight Zone, “Time Enough At Last”. You know the one I’m talking about; where time is always against him. He’s a … Continue reading

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Kate Christensen’s “Trouble”

I recently finished Kate Christensen’s latest novel, Trouble, due out in June from Doubleday.  I’m a huge fan of Kate’s work.  She won me over with her misanthropic, chain-smoking character named Hugo in the uproarious story of a foodie who … Continue reading

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Terrific news about VQR Online

The Virginia Quarterly Review has decided to make available for free their back issues from 1975-2003.  You can browse the archives here and find all sorts of good stuff, like this poem by Mekeel McBride, who is not only a … Continue reading

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One of the best literary debuts of the past several years

Dave Weich of Powell’s Bookstore conducted a wonderful, in-depth interview with novelist Paul Harding, the author of Tinkers.  I can’t speak highly enough about this slim, powerful work of fiction that encompasses so much in an astonishingly short amount of … Continue reading

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WordPress is where it’s at

Everyone’s abandoning MySpace these days for the crisper and more dynamic Facebook, and the same thing is happening with bloggers switching to WordPress from Blogger.  I gave Reading is Breathing a makeover after seeing how pretty Condalmo and Vroman’s blogs … Continue reading

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Book Scraper

Bookninja posted recently about a nifty new tool to analyze the classics that’s up at TimesOnline. It’s called Book Scraper, and you can use it to search in and compare 126 books. It’s very fun, and provides a bunch of … Continue reading

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Bookish links for Monday, February 2nd, 2009

President Obama’s poems, originally published in the Spring 1981 issue of “Feast”, are available at The New York Times. (Via Maud) Stacy Mitchell, author of Big Box Swindle, addressed booksellers at the fourth annual Winter Institute, held this year at … Continue reading

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