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Books To Look Forward To in 2011

Everyone is busy writing or sharing their favorite books of 2010 list, but I’m already thinking about all of the books coming out next year that look interesting, or that I’ve already read and loved. Here is a very incomplete … Continue reading

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Call me the girl who hasn’t updated her blog in forever…

Oh hi, my poor abandoned blog. I never meant to abandon you. I just got distracted for a little while. (More like over a year…but Twitter has been keeping me busy!) I’ve decided to start posting on my blog again, … Continue reading

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Kamila Shamsie and Paul Harding

I have two new author interviews up at different websites. At The Quarterly Conversation you can read my interview with Kamila Shamsie, a wonderful novelist whose most recent book, Burnt Shadows, was shortlisted for the Orange Prize. The July issue … Continue reading

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Perhaps I will tinker with my blog

For a variety of reasons, it has been way too long since I wrote a new blog post.  I’m happy to say that some of those reasons are good ones. I’ve been busy with all of the events at RiverRun … Continue reading

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The only bad thing about being a bookworm…

I’m packing up my books this month to move into a new apartment.  There’s nothing worse than moving when you own as many books as I do. It’s a blessing and a curse to have such a LARGE personal library. … Continue reading

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Balancing the old with the new, and the many with the few

Pssst…I have a confession to make. I’ve never read Moby Dick.  Or Ulysses. Or Anna Karenina, for that matter.  I’ve meant to for a while now, but there’s one big thing that stops me. I’m a bookseller who works at … Continue reading

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Kate Christensen’s review of “The Song Is You”

Readers of my blog know that one of my favorite contemporary novelists is Kate Christensen.  Kate has written a glowing review of Arthur Phillips latest novel in The New York Times Book Review. If novelists were labeled zoologically, Arthur Phillips … Continue reading

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I’m now officially a Bookslut

Let’s see how many people stumble across my blog now that the word “slut” is in the title of this post.  I can only imagine how my traffic will spike! I’m honored, though, to be associated with the word in … Continue reading

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For those with short attention spans…

Is it just me, or is March an incredibly hectic month? And to top it all off, Daylight Saving Time makes it harder and harder to concentrate on the tasks at hand.  We’re all antsy for the warmer weather, the … Continue reading

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Links! News! Distractions!

I’ve written before about one of my favorite shows, LOST, and how naturally the redneck-disguised bookworm Sawyer is the best character.  Over at Jacket Copy, executive producers and writers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse talk about their literary choices: “It’s … Continue reading

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