Bookish links for Monday, February 2nd, 2009

President Obama’s poems, originally published in the Spring 1981 issue of “Feast”, are available at The New York Times. (Via Maud)

Stacy Mitchell, author of Big Box Swindle, addressed booksellers at the fourth annual Winter Institute, held this year at Salt Lake City. She spoke about the importance of buy-local efforts. Here in Portsmouth, NH the folks at Seacoast Local word hard to promote community.

My co-worker Liberty writes about “our spiny little friends, books” over at RiverRun Bookstore’s blog.

I’m still in shock that John Updike, one of our nation’s most prolific authors, is gone forever. Over at New Hampshire Public Radio’s website, you can hear the legendary writer in conversation with journalist Laura Knoy, from a Writers on a New England Stage event that RiverRun co-sponsored at The Music Hall in 2006.

The first half of February means a lot of author readings at RiverRun.

Old news by now but Neil Gaiman won the Newbery Medal for The Graveyard Book. I absolutely devoured this trademark Gaiman mixture of comical and spooky tale set in a graveyard. Not since Harry Potter have I been so in love with a book written for children. A boy raised in a cemetery by ghosts and vampires is much more entertaining than Twilight, which I can’t bring myself to read (much to my eleven-year-old sister’s protests!)

The Millions has a list of the most anticipated books that will come out in 2009. Lorrie Moore, Margaret Atwood, and Zadie Smith all have new books coming out. I can not wait to read them. No, really. As if I don’t have enough books in my to-be-read piles.

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