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Call me the girl who hasn’t updated her blog in forever…

Oh hi, my poor abandoned blog. I never meant to abandon you. I just got distracted for a little while. (More like over a year…but Twitter has been keeping me busy!) I’ve decided to start posting on my blog again, … Continue reading

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I’m still here!

I seem to have abandoned my poor little blog for over two weeks now.¬† Blame it on my business¬†trip to NYC without internet access, and my time spent catching up. Or blame it on the fact that my computer power … Continue reading

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Social networking: A new form of poetry?

I’m unabashedly addicted to social networking sites like Twitter, the latest website I’ve joined. I like how you are limited to posting a bite-size amount of information. It leaves the Twitterer the responsibility of being precise and sometimes poetic with … Continue reading

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