The only bad thing about being a bookworm…

I’m packing up my books this month to move into a new apartment.  There’s nothing worse than moving when you own as many books as I do. It’s a blessing and a curse to have such a LARGE personal library.

How does one decide what books to hold on to and what to give up?

I think the answer is that I need to become a billionaire and have a fancy library in my home like Jay Walker.

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9 Responses to The only bad thing about being a bookworm…

  1. Renee says:

    Yes! I had to do the same several months ago. It was horrible. I feel your pain!

  2. Molly says:

    My books are actually the one thing I like to pack when moving — going through and sorting books is so much more pleasant than going through clothes or dishes…

  3. Nicole says:

    I just moved in March and I had about 600 book to bring along with me. I tried to get rid of as much as I could before the move, which of course wasn’t much at all.

  4. sarah says:

    I love books and I own a bookstore, but I have never understood the need to possess so many books at one time, especially if you live in a city with a good library.

    Ever since I started buying books I have always limited my personal library to around 200 books, and in the past few years have cut it down to a total of only around ten books at any one time in my house.

    I do also agree with Molly’s comment that books are the most pleasurable item to pack when moving!

  5. gwendolyn b. says:

    You think books are a problem when moving? I also collect rocks. No one wants to help me move!

  6. vincemontague says:

    I feel your pain. The link to that library was mind-blowing…

  7. Care says:

    at least books don’t break when you drop the box – of course, it’s hard to lift such a box SO HEAVY! Happy Moving.

  8. Care says:

    oh – june is when this was posted! oh well. Hope the move was smooth.

  9. KellyLove says:

    I had the same problem when I moved from Charleston to Austin in January. I spent almost 2 months culling my books down from 600+ to less than 300. My biggest piles were “books I own and might want to read again,” but I solved the problem because I had been cataloging the books I owned on for a few years (thank god I didn’t have to start from scratch) and had a list of the books I owned online. My biggest fear about getting rid of the “might re-read someday” piles is that I’d forget about them. It was a lot easier to donate them knowing I can peruse my “library” virtually and can always pick up a copy at the actual library to re-read. LibraryThing was a lot easier than creating a spreadsheet of the 600-something books I owned. Of course, I still packed up the 300+ I could not part with to take with me. Finally found the perfect bookshelves on craigslist last month and my home finally feels complete here!

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