Kate Christensen’s review of “The Song Is You”

phillips_songisyou1Readers of my blog know that one of my favorite contemporary novelists is Kate Christensen.  Kate has written a glowing review of Arthur Phillips latest novel in The New York Times Book Review.

If novelists were labeled zoologically, Arthur Phillips would fall naturally into the dolphin family: his writing is playful, cerebral, likable, wide-ranging and inventive.

Just try to tell me that the review doesn’t make you want to read the book right this instant.

I’m planning a really fun event featuring Kate and Arthur at The Red Door martini bar in Portsmouth on June 22nd. We’re going to have drinks for sale named after the books, local musicians as part of the Hush Hush Sweet Harlot series, and readings from both authors. Mark your calendars now!

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1 Response to Kate Christensen’s review of “The Song Is You”

  1. Jonathan says:

    Thanks for bringing the new Phillips to my attention. I unaccountably misplaced the Book Review yesterday, so I missed it at publication. As far as Phillips’ oeuvre goes, I read The Egyptologist and liked it; I started Prague and got bored after 20 pages. This one sounds more interesting.

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