Why is Sawyer the only one who reads on the island?

Ladies and gentlemen, we interrupt our reading schedule to inform you that Michele is completely and utterly engrossed in LOST. This is why reading has been..um.. a bit delayed lately. Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t feel like myself if I’m not reading a book. Since I discovered (a bit late in the game) LOST a few weeks ago, though, it’s made me more like a turtle in getting to the finish line with some books I’m reading (and loving).

Blame it on the wide variety of characters. A man named Locke who can suddenly walk who was in a wheelchair before the crash, and who often acts like the island philosopher? A wiseass cowboy-like conman named Sawyer who happens to be a voracious reader and always has a pop-culture name for someone?

Or blame it on the crazy plot of the show that just keeps bringing up more questions rather than giving a lot of answers. A hatch, a button that may or may not save the world, polar bears, monsters, people getting mysteriously “cured” from previous ailments they had.

Whatever it is, I can’t stop watching. I’m only on season 2, but it’s one of the best shows I’ve seen in ages. I think I’m driving my friends crazy by talking about it all the time.

One thing my friend and boss pointed out to me, though, is why is Sawyer the only character who reads on the show? You’re stuck on an island, and some books were found in the surviving luggage from the plane crash. When you’re not busy running from crazy people who are trying to kill you, why not escape into a book? Just saying…

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4 Responses to Why is Sawyer the only one who reads on the island?

  1. Rebecca @ The Book Lady's Blog says:

    Sawyer’s not the only reader on the island. When we first meet The Others, we see Juliet and Ben in a book group meeting in one of their houses. Not to mention all of the literary references thrown about by nearly all of the characters. You can combine your newfound love of LOST with your existing bibliophilia in this cool LOST Books Challenge.

  2. Amy says:

    Hurley read the Bad Twin manuscript. Actually there are lots of little reading scenes, but Sawyer IS the voracious reader. I love that, though, b/c he’s not the stereotypical bookworm.

  3. Michele says:

    I just started Season 3 so I hadn’t seen The Others hosting the book group meeting when I posted this blog entry. What Stephen King book were they discussing? I couldn’t figure it out. Thanks for the link to the LOST Books Challenge!

    I agree, Amy– it’s fun that Sawyer is the most prolific reader while coming across like the last person on earth who would be.

  4. erin says:

    The book that The Others Book Club was discussing was Carrie.

    Sawyer hasn’t read at all this season, but last week Ben was reading a book that in retrospect, I was surprised hadn’t made an appearance before then…

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