Social networking: A new form of poetry?

I’m unabashedly addicted to social networking sites like Twitter, the latest website I’ve joined. I like how you are limited to posting a bite-size amount of information. It leaves the Twitterer the responsibility of being precise and sometimes poetic with their updates. I really enjoy when my Twitter friends post quotes from books, Buddhist meditations, and other small snippets of information.

During Thanksgiving week I was away from the internet for most of the time and I found myself missing my daily internet browsing, my Google Reader blog updates, and checking my e-mail. Does this make me pathetic, or just a normal 20-something who’s used to high-speed internet and the satisfaction of information available in just one click or a couple of Google searches?

Speaking of social networking, you can check out a mention of RiverRun’s blog in MediaBistro’s GalleyCat.

You can also add RiverRun’s Twitter page and my personal Twitter page.

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One Response to Social networking: A new form of poetry?

  1. Bella Literati says:

    I’m glad you are finally writing on (in?) your blog!

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