Joyce Carol Oates is insanely productive but still thinks it’s not enough…

In an article in the San Diego Union-Tribune, Joyce Carol Oates, probably one of the most prolific “literary” writers out there, is quoted as saying:

“I don’t truly think of myself as a ‘workaholic’ – in fact, I don’t work nearly as much as I would like to.

I find this incredibly difficult to digest. According to the article,

Since 1964, when her first novel debuted, she has published 54. Then there are the 31 collections of short stories, as well as the volumes of essays, plays and poetry. By the most conservative estimate, that’s two-plus books a year.”

Everyone knows Oates is incredibly prolific, but I never knew she wished she worked even more. Is that even possible?? I sort of picture her chained to her writing desk for 20 hours each day…

(via Bookninja).

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