A nice article on my decision to work in indie bookselling and be a writer…

From an article by Jeanne’ McCartin in today’s Portsmouth Herald:

“There’s always someone behind that person you’ve got your eye on. At RiverRun Bookstore the figure behind Kathryn Harrison, Augusten Burroughs, and Owen King is events gatekeeper Michele Filgate.

She was once one of the people behind Katie Couric on the CBS Evening News; a rising star in her field, actually. But not long after a promotion Filgate packed her bags and came home to New Hampshire. Some thought her daft, and by their standards she is. After all, Filgate dumped the job-to-die-for for a career in independent bookselling.

Were this a TV or radio segment that revelation would be followed by the sound of a phonograph needle dragged across an LP. Face it, a career in an indie book shop isn’t the type one generally leaves a major network position for; it’s unlikely it registers on most folks’ envy-meters. But the achievement it indicates should. Filgate opted for personal authenticity over cultural norm. And so far it’s panned out.

She’s happy. Content. Excited about her job.”

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