A literary utopia

I’ve always been a bit of an Anglophile, and the discovery of this store makes me want to go to London more than ever. Check this out:

The School of Life is a new cultural enterprise based in central London offering intelligent instruction on how to lead a fulfilled life.

We offer evening and weekend courses, holidays to unexpected locations, stigma-free psychotherapy, secular sermons, conversation meals, a floating faculty of experts and a new kind of literary consultancy service called bibliotherapy.

Can someone please start a place like this in New England? Working at an indie bookstore is the next best thing, though, so I’m in luck. Still, I’d love to visit the shop someday.

(Via Readerville).

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4 Responses to A literary utopia

  1. Matthew Tiffany says:

    Sign me up.

    Though I’m curious about what is meant by “stigma-free psychotherapy” –

  2. Michele says:

    Me too. You’re the expert on psychology, though. Any guesses?

  3. Bookworkers says:

    Booking my flight asap.

    Wonder if they offer a money-back guarantee? A “fulfilled life” is a tall order, but i’m definitely willing to take the risk!

  4. readandbreathe says:

    It seems worth the risk to me 🙂

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